Why the Sweet Valley Twins?

Hello again.

I thought some of you might be wondering why I chose to focus mostly on the Sweet Valley Twins Series, rather than the more popular Sweet Valley High books. Well, I guess it really boils down to the fact that I enjoyed them a lot as a kid, but never really got into the Sweet Valley High series. I think by the time I was old enough to start reading them, I was going through some kind of weird Stephen King phase and just kind of forgot about SVH.

Also, there are plenty of other blogs that are doing an awesome job of recapping the Sweet Valley High books, like The Dairi Burger and 1bruce1. I figured, “why not give a little special love to the Sweet Valley Twins series?”

Blogging in general can be a pretty time-consuming hobby, so I was kind of reluctant, but it’s a pretty fun way to let out some steam and possibly give you folks a chuckle or two. Oh, and it gives me a semi-legitimate excuse to mess around for an hour on Photoshop to create some funny portraits of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield as tweens, played in my mind by the multi-talented Dakota Fanning.

Here we have saintly Liz:


Can you hear the choir of angels?

And now troublemaking Jess:



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2 comments on “Why the Sweet Valley Twins?
  1. Anners Scribonia says:

    I’m more of a fanof Sweet Valley Twins. I mean I used to be back in the day. More recaps plz! 🙂

  2. Aileen says:

    I read both the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High series. A little of the Sweet Valley Kids as well and Sweet Valley University. Liz and Jess also colored my life as a tween.

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