Me + Kindle 2 = BFF

So yeah… Life is funny sometimes. I’m obsessed with old school kids books (mostly from the 80’s and 90’s) but I just bought a seriously effing slick gadget for what is generally a very cheap hobby–reading.


I’m a fan of ebook readers, just as I am a fan of instant gratification. There’s something to be said about being able to download books anytime, anywhere, almost instantly. While I do own a last-gen Sony Reader, I’m a Mac user these days, so getting new titles isn’t easy because Sony is like, allergic to supporting machines that don’t run on Windows. I know a lot of people find the keyboard on the Kindle to be 100% fug, but I’m the sort of person who likes to scribble little notes in my books, so this feature would be super sweet. That way, I wouldn’t have to carry a pen and post-its every time I sit down for a reading session.


Some of the official product pics of the Kindle 2 are really funny to me. They show people performing a variety of activities, all with their Kindle 2. It’s a lot like those old tampon commercials were they talk about all the awesome things you can do, like this woman, who seems to be enjoying a lovely day at the beach. I’m sure if we could talk to her right now, she would be all,  “LOOK AT ME! WITH MY KINDLE 2, I CAN SCUBA DIVE AND HORSEBACK RIDE!”

I paid a little bit extra for the expedited shipping, so I should receive my Kindle 2 on or around February 25th. Here’s how I imagine this going…

My nice FedEx delivery guy will delivery the device safely to my door. I will rip the box open, take out my new Kindle 2, and just be like, “Quimby loooves her Preciouuussss….”


What the hell does any of this have to do with this blog, you ask? Well, Amazon does have plenty of Beverly Cleary available on the Kindle, so I’ll probably end up doing at least one Ramona book as a full-on recap just to test out how easy the annotations feature is. If all goes well, I may start doing recaps or snarky reviews of more current books, but we shall see. Sweet Valley Twins will always be the apple of my eye, so I can’t see myself ever getting away from them. I just won a hot mess of them on eBay, so we can’t let them go to waste, now can we?

Last but not least,  I was scouring YouTube for a funny vid of an old-school tampon commercial (Of the, “With my tampons, I can take over Russia!” variety) but came up empty-handed. I did, however, find this piece of retrotastic awesomeness, staring a very young Naomi Watts.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Naomi should don that curly ‘do once more. Just saying.

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