Grown-Up (Sorta) Gary

Yeah, I know this week’s post came a little bit late, but I have something very special to make up for my tardiness. It’s no secret that I’m pretty hot in my pantaloons for Gary, the leader of the Midnight Society. Yes, I call him a lame-ass and stuff, but it’s all out of love, baby.

And possibly some resentment that I never got the opportunity to join the Midnight Society.

Anyway, there are seven seasons total of Are You Afraid of The Dark?–I believe that the first 6 involved Gar-Bear and the original Midnight Society (in various incarnations), while the 7th season had Tucker running the show, hanging out with Vanessa Lengies, Elisha Cuthbert, and two other kids that didn’t grow up to be hot girls. I haven’t spent a lot of time with the newer episodes because I like kicking it old school, but I had a wonderful surprise today when browsing through my season 7 DVDs…


Holy crap!

Man alive, give me a sec to pick my panties up from where they just dropped, will you?


Dammit, Gary, I said give me a second! Yeesh.

Ahem. Anyway, late in the 7th season, it looks like the producers actually did a multi-episode arch with the new members of the Midnight Society trying to solve a scary and super-serious mystery involving Gary’s dead grandpa. Here’s a fun fact: the lady who plays Gary’s grandma is the same woman who played Mrs. Simpson, the mystic from The Tale of the Room for Rent. I totally kept expecting Ghost Dude to pop up somewhere.

Oh, and here’s one with Gary lacking his trademark spectacles, in case anybody is interested…


I assume he’s just waking up from a really bad dream or something. Maybe it’s the one in which I get a life and stop doing these adoring recaps… Yeah, that must be it. Don’t worry, Gar, I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon.

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8 comments on “Grown-Up (Sorta) Gary
  1. Sadako says:

    Oh, Gar Bar, how I love you so!

  2. R. G. Quimby says:

    Paws off my man, Sadako!


  3. Sadako says:

    Okay, we cut a deal. You get Gar Bar, I get Dark Dragon dude.

    Now, what about the men of Hey Dude?

  4. R. G. Quimby says:

    OMG–Hey Dude! I haven’t thought about that show since… like, forever. I had to YouTube the intro just to jog my memory. I’ve been walking around for the last two days thinking, “You know… The one with the mullet! That guy!”

    In any case, dibs on Ted 🙂

  5. Sadako says:

    Ohh, Ted was my favorite. Did you know that the girl who played Melody is Ben Stiller’s wife now? She was in Zoolander. Christine Taylor is her name–she’s awesome.

  6. R. G. Quimby says:

    OMG–you’re right! She WAS in Zoolander. Yeesh. I saw her on the YouTube vid of the intro and I was like, “Marcia Brady!”

    I wonder what her acting resume looks like… Basically, I think the whole thing can be summarized by something like…

    “Played beautiful blonde girl in all films and television roles”

  7. Fraulein N says:

    Sweet fancy Moses. GARY. I took so much crap for liking him. Rightfully so and all, but I still can’t help it.

  8. R. G. Quimby says:

    The heart wants what it wants, Fraulein N. 🙂 You can no more change your feelings than Kiki can take off her bandanna.

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