Dance Par-tay!

Don’t ask me why I wanted to learn how to do the Roger Rabbit. It might have something to do with the fact that, as a child, I never could get the hang of it (or any other dance move). As an adult, my motor skills are marginally better, but more importantly, my fear of humiliating myself in public is much less potent than when I was a wee, uncoordinated girl.

But where was I to turn? My older sister (who originally tried to teach me back in the early 90’s) has since retired from breakdancing to pursue a career in sales. Lacking the benefits of an in-person instructor, I turned to YouTube and found a super-awesome series of videos from our friends at ExpertVillage.

Here you’ll find our instructor, Deanna, giving deets on things like arm movement, stepping backwards, and… yeah, that’s about it. That’s all that’s involved in the Roger Rabbit. Enjoy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to download some old-school Paula Abdul and practice my new moves! The next time Sweet Valley High has a dance (which is approximately five times per week) I’ll be ready to rock.

Oh, and hey… you’re welcome 🙂

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4 comments on “Dance Par-tay!
  1. Shannon says:

    What the hell?! She’s not even doing it right! She left out the hopping! Come with me to the Beach Disco this weekend and I’ll show you how it’s done. 😉

  2. R. G. Quimby says:

    LOL–I smell a dance-off brewing 🙂

  3. Sadako says:

    That woman has the most monotonous voice.

    Also, I never learned the Roger Rabbit the first time around. I’ll just be turning in my eighties badge.

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