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Goosebumps #19 – “Deep Trouble”

I have to give this book props for a couple of reasons. First, the scene on the cover actually did happen. There was a shark attack, though it’s not exactly the most important part of the book. I guess if

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Goosebumps #16 – “One Day at HorrorLand”

I know the cover says that HorrorLand is “where nightmares come to life,” but honestly most of the rides in this amusement park sounded pretty fun to me, but I’m a big fan of scary movies and haunted houses, so

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Taffy Sinclair Strikes Again by Betsy Haynes

You know, I really have no idea who is who in this cover. Somewhere in that crowd of five girls is Jana, our odd little narrator, but I’m not entirely sure which one she is. She’s not the ginger girl

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“The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” by Paula Danziger

I must say that I’m kind of digging on Marcy’s sweet striped socks. They even match her polo shirt, which I can only say is pure genius. Very fierce, Marcy. Very fierce. Basically, this is a charming, coming-of-age story about

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The Luxe: a mini-review

Well… At least the dress on the cover is totally hawt. I was expecting a lot from this book, which is probably why it was so damn disappointing. I don’t know… it wasn’t poorly written, per se, but I just

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